We, AVKANS, have been listening to customers. Our product warranty policy reflects our belief in product quality and value. The warranty period for all products is 1 year(360days) from the date of purchase, unless otherwise specified. If your product fails to function properly due to product defects, we will repair or replace your product according to the guidelines specified in the warranty policy. All products purchased more than 360 days from the RMA (return authorization) date will be replaced by factory certified refurbished products. We will provide software upgrade service for free. Please contact our customer service.

Please be sure to keep the receipt, invoice, purchase order or order confirmation. Keep it in a safe place. You need a copy as proof of purchase to get warranty service. We guarantee that your products are free from defects in material and workmanship, except for the exceptions described below. Please note that repairs to our products will not extend or modify the warranty in any way beyond 360 days from the date of purchase of the new product.

If you have any problems within 360 days after purchase, please contact our technical support or customer service at any time. We will provide you with high quality service and solve your problems as soon as possible

Warranty exception

Your warranty does not include the following:



Modify or change hardware or software

Cutting or splicing cables / wires

Painted products

Wire coated with insulating material, caulking material or other material

Tampering or unauthorized repair

Unsuitable physical or operating environment, exceeding product specifications

Improper maintenance

The power supply used by the product is incorrect

Power fluctuations or surges - always use surge protective devices

Return authorization policy (RMA)

Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty service. Proof of purchase must be provided in the form of a receipt, invoice, purchase order or order confirmation, and a digital copy is required to initiate the RMA process.