Can't see the video from web page?

If you are using latest version of web browser, you may find that you can't preview the video from web browser.

Pls update the firmware for the camera. Firmware dowload link is:


How to set up NDI AV-E20-NDI with OBS?

This video is telling you how to set up AV-E20-NDI with OBS.


AVKANS IP Joystick Controller Set up

This video was created by a professional Live Streamer, he tells you better than us.

Avkans PTZ Camera Streaming Settings Guide (RTSP, NDI and RTMP)

This Guide will help you set up AVKANS PTZ Camera to have best experiences of Live Streaming while using RTSP, NDI, and RTMP.

How to sync up my camera with the audio?

There are a few methods out there for testing a camera's latency from a certain output.

Avkans PTZ CameraStreaming Settings Guide (RTSP, NDI and RTMPs)

Avkans PTZ CameraStreaming Settings Guide (RTSP, NDI and RTMPs)

How to explore Official NDI Camera?

Make sure you are purchasing Official NDI products to have better supports from Newtek Inc.

Go to to find which brands are Official NDI cameras.

How to set up AVKANS Auto Tracking PTZ Camera?

With AVKANS CMS software, you can set up auto tracking Camera very easy.

Network Set up | OBS Set up | Facebook Live Streaming Setting | AVKANS PTZ Camera

3 Ways to find AVKANS Camera over network. RTSP/SRT Streaming on OBS.

How to install obs-ndi plugin for OBS? How to add NDI on OBS? How to live Streaming directly from AVKANS PTZ Camera.